Basic Real Estate SEO Strategies for Higher Rankings

Real Estate SEO Strategies

It has been proven time and time again that seo is the best form of online advertising for real estate.

Most real estate professionals don’t know this, but below are a few reasons why SEO trumps other forms of real estate online advertising and leads generation

6 Reasons why SEO is the best form of advertising for real estate

  • According to real estate SEO expert, Ibemere Obinna, SEO if done right will gradually reduce an agent’s long-term spending on PPC and other forms of online marketing while increasing leads generation on the long run.
  • When buyers first become aware of the need to own a home, they first begin with a real estate related search like the best place to live in a community or community review. Owning a real estate SEO optimized website and blog will help you catch these set of buyers and win them over before they contact another agent.
  • When you optimize your blog for SEO and searchers come across a great content you wrote, you will be seen as an expert and your chances of winning that client will greatly improve.
  • SEO is the only way of getting free leads without paying a dime.
  • With SEO, you will be found by potential buyers when they are looking to buy as opposed to going out and looking for them.

real estate SEO Strategies

How real estate agents can outrank their competitors on Google

The first SEO starts with you. Most real estate agents make the mistake of thinking outranking their competitor starts with aggressively building links to their site.

Although, backlinks is still the fuel of higher rankings, must agents make the mistake of pursuing backlinks and neglecting their website.

Backlinks building should be the last thing to do in SEO after making sure other aspects of your website are in place.

The first step on SEO start with working and improving your website for SEO which is called onsite optimization

Key onsite optimization strategies

Site Speed

Your website site speed can either make or destroy your SEO efforts. If your website loads like a snail, despite the fact that it has great content on it, Google will view it as having a very poor user’s experience which will hurt your rankings.

Here is how to checker your website speed.

Head over to Google PageSpeed test :

Google Site Speed

Enter your page URL and hit Analyze. Wait for a few seconds for Google to generate your report.

After your report is generated, follow the instructions to fix anything that affects page load speed and slows your site down

Google Page Insights

Next step is Page Title

Your page title is the most important content of your web page. This is where you will add your target keyword.

Real Estate SEO Keywords

If your target keyword is Homes for sale, then your title can be like this:

Find your dream home for sale


Discover your perfect home for sale

Your title should be above all other content and media on your page and should be wrapped with H1 tag.

That way Google will view it as important.

Google SEO for Real Estate

Note: Google gives the highest ranking boost to the first few words on a webpage, which is why your title containing your keywords should be the first thing Google should see on your page.

Make sure your website is responsive

Google just launch their mobile first index which is a very strong signal that they place more value on mobile website than on mobile website.

If your website is not responsive in 2017, your better get it fixed or risk being axed by Google.

Final thoughts about Real Estate SEO Strategies

These basic tips I followed and implemented properly will help boost your rankings on Google and other search engines

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