Social Media Marketing Strategies


Social media marketingSmall business owners starting out with shoe-string budgets are always on the lookout for cheaper ways to advertise their products and services to a big audience; it has always been a real struggle to attempt this with the limited resources at hand.  There are several social media marketing strategies that can help.

With the advent of social media, business owners don’t need to worry again as they have been provided with some fantastic tools by social media that cater for small to medium companies with, or without any budget to advertise.

There are different social media strategies that you can use to build your brands and businesses on different new media. You will be doing your company a fantastic and exciting service if you can harness all the benefits that these new media formats have to offer.  You can truly reach the masses within your target niche via social media marketing.

The Top Social Media Marketing Strategies

There are several new social media marketing strategies that virtually all successful marketers are using to create awareness about their new product or services, which in effect has taken their business to an enviable height. These include:

social media bloggingBlogging:

Blogging with a platform like WordPress gives you the opportunity to blog, write a post and articles about your products and services. You can write product reviews, different SEO-rich keyword articles on your niche and submit it to search engines like Google and yahoo. The search engine will index your articles and make it rank in the first page of Google. Any search using your keyword e.g. internet marketing, acne cure, will reveal your blog on the first page of Yahoo and Google when your social media marketing strategies are executed correctly.

WordPress TrainingWordPress offers you the chance to use plugins like Diggdigg, Facebook share, which enable readers of your blog to share your web content on their facebook timeline, tweet it, and share it on various social networking sites they are using. This brings huge traffic to your site and more exposure for you with the power of social media.

Social Media marketing on FacebookFacebook:

Facebook is by far, the largest social media platform on the Internet with over 700 million members worldwide.  Any of the decent social media marketing strategies will either include or begin with Facebook.  This social media platform allows interaction with your customers, leads and clients with the help of a FanPage and Facebook group; you can start networking with them on your page by sharing articles, quotes, infographics, new products about your brands and products.

FaceBook FanPage ServicesAs you can see, Facebook is a major source of specific targeted traffic.  This social media marketing strategy is sometimes the sole source of web traffic for some marketers.  There is no denying the power of Facebook and a premium FanPage.

Within a Facebook FanPage, you can answer their questions, let them take surveys about your services and give free gifts to those that participate in the surveys.  This dynamic interaction within your niche market can go totally viral.

Offering free gifts to people on your FanPage or group is a way of building trust and relationships with your customers instead of spending a fortune on blind advertising. Prompting your audience to share your articles with their friends will make your post go viral and reach a much larger audience when compared to the one you can reach without your clients sharing your posts.

Top Social Media Marketing StrategiesTwitter:

Twitter allows any member on their platform to write 140 characters about their products and services. It has different features like, re-tweet, messages, reply, tweet. (A tweet is a post to others.)  You can tweet your message or use the message board to get across to your customers on what you have for them in a new product, improvement or new service.

Twitter Setup ServiceDue to the 140 characters that you are restricted to, it is better to share your blog post, infographics and other useful articles using URL shorter examples include,, tinyurl e.t c. This affords you the opportunity to make a long post shorter before tweeting it. You can instruct your clients to re-tweet as much as they can, so that you can broaden the reach of your post to a bigger audience.

You can put your keywords in the search bar to have a look at what your competitors are doing. You can also use hashtag#+ keyword #forex, #email marketing, and #graphics for those that ask for notification when new articles on their keywords are posted. Posting informative articles and useful tips frequently will lead to spike in the numbers of people that will follow you.

Social Media Marketing StrategiesYouTube:

YouTube is the second most powerful search engine after Google; it is a social networking site for sharing videos. To get the greatest benefits on this social media platform, you need to have a professional YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Setup ServiceBy this, you get in front of the camera and record a 10-Minute video informing your listeners who you are, what your business is all about, how your products will help your customers positively. Create the video, spice it up a bit and then upload it to your channel for them to see what you are offering.

Be sure to check out the YouTube search function and put your keywords there to see the most ranked video in your niche with your keyword, you will see some videos with good YouTube views. You are permitted to embed your link on the video and reuse it to make it viral.

Doing this over a period of time will shoot your video to the top of the rankings (search engine results pages – SERPs), based on your keyword. If you type your keyword to Google, you will be shocked to see that your video has outranked some articles and videos of your competitors on the first page of Google.  Video Marketing is a very powerful tool within social media marketing strategies.  This tool alone has skyrocketed some businesses into the millions (revenue).  Magnum Marketing can create a professional stunning video for your website and also have it distributed to YouTube, Vimeo and other well-ranking video sites for massive exposure.

Social Media Marketing StrategiesSocial Bookmarking Sites:

How does Social Bookmarking work?Social bookmarking sites are affordable ways for you to optimize your social media marketing strategies. Digg, reddit etc. are avenues for you to submit articles, tips about your products and brands and bookmarking it with sites from PR (3 to 9) such as StumbleUpon, Slashdot, Tumblr, Delicious.

This will usually bring the needed traffic to your blog. Many bloggers who are looking for fresh content will visit the bookmarking sites to get your content and your link and share it to their own audience; this takes you to the frontpage of the bookmarking sites. This is an edge in advertising and it brings your products and services to the doorsteps of the consumers without blowing your entire budget on advertising.

Social Media Marketing Strategies Conclusion

Social media marketing has provided the means for small business owners to reach out to their customers in a way that it hasn’t ever been available before. It’s up to you to take advantage of the new media to spread your messages to people across the globe in such an affordable way.

Take the Next Step in your online marketing.  Magnum Marketing can help boost your websites in the search engines’ results pages and bring massive views to your pages.

The sky is the limit for advertisers and building a solid flow of consumer traffic with smart social media marketing strategies.